Swedish Government adopts special export credit guarantees for Ukraine and approves opening a trade office in Kyiv

On February 29, 2024, the Government of Sweden made significant strides in enhancing trade relations between Sweden and Ukraine. A new regulation was adopted, enabling exporting companies to apply for special export credit guarantees with the Export Credit Board (EKN) for exports to Ukraine that support the country's development and welfare. This move aims to facilitate Swedish investments in Ukraine, with Minister for Aid and Foreign Trade Johan Forssell highlighting the importance of these guarantees in promoting trade and business promotion.

In addition to the export credit guarantees, the government announced the opening of a new trade secretary's office in Kiev and the appointment of a new trade secretary in Ukraine.

This is a final step in formalising re-opening of Business Sweden's presence in Ukraine. These developments are seen as pivotal in improving opportunities for Swedish companies to invest in Ukraine, leading to increased exports of socially important goods and fostering economic development and construction in the country. The government's proactive approach underscores its commitment to bolstering trade ties and contributing to Ukraine's progress.

More information in Swedish regarding the new special export credit guarantees for Ukraine