Tender Opportunities

Swedish companies can make a substantial contribution to Ukraine's reconstruction through participation in international and local tenders

  • In 2023, the European Union and over 20 individual countries offer financial support to Ukraine, including donor funding for IFIs and UN agencies procuring works, goods, and services to address immediate needs and reconstruction via their respective procurement platforms.
  • With the direct aid to Ukraine's budget exceeding USD 38 bln in 2023, Ukrainian government entities and state-owned enterprises conduct numerous reconstruction-related tenders via the public electronic procurement system Prozorro.
  • As both international and local tenders are open to international participation, Swedish companies can contribute to the rebuilding of Ukraine by providing sustainable solutions, technology, or participating in projects through respective procurement opportunities.

Current opportunities

Nefco - Energy Efficiency in Municipal Buildings and Street Lighting in the city of Rivne - Deadline April 1, 2025

Nefco - Repair and Reconstruction of Damaged Critical Infrastructure - Deadline September 30, 2025

Nefco - Upgrade of District Heating System in Vinnytsia - Deadline May 14, 2025

Nefco - Repair of critical infrastructure - Deadline July 31, 2024

EBRD - Procurement of Current and Voltage Transformers for Hydropower Plants - Deadline July 27, 2024

Nefco - Solar Power Plant for Water and Wastewater Utility in Chortkiv - Deadline June 21, 2024

EBRD - Procurement of Hydro-Mechanical Equipment for Kremenchug HPP and Dnipro HPP - Deadline August 1, 2024

Nefco - Housing for Internally Displaced Persons and Rehabilitation of Liberated Cities in Ukraine - Deadline July 8, 2024

World Bank - Procurement of Electric Railway Locomotives - Deadline July 22, 2024

UNDP - Procurement of Generation Units with Gas Turbine Drive and Booster Compressor Unit - Deadline July 4, 2024

IOM - Delivery of Specialized vehicles for the State Migration Service of Ukraine - July 4, 2024

Procurement procedures of IFIs, UN agencies and other development organizations


World Bank Group

  • Sectoral focus: energy supply, housing, logistics, winterization
  • Where to find opportunities: World Bank website - Browse Contract Awards and Notices by Country - Ukraine
  • Procurement rules: World Bank Procurement Regulation
  • Where to submit an offer: Via World Bank website


European Bank for Reconstruction and Development



  • Sectoral focus: water resource management and energy efficiency
  • Where to find opportunities: Nefco website - Projects - Procurement - Browse Procurement notices by Country - Ukraine
  • Procurement rules: Nefco Procurement Policy and Procedures
  • Where to submit an offer: As indicated in the respective tender specifications


UN Agencies

  • Sectoral focus: housing, energy efficiency, and energy supply
  • Where to find opportunities: United Nations Global Marketplace (UNGM) portal - Browse Procurement notices by Country - Ukraine
  • Procurement rules: UN agencies have varying procurement procedures, please review regulations of each agency (e.g. UNOPS)
  • Where to submit an offer: Offers are accepted via the UN Quantum system




Energy Community

  • Sectoral focus: energy
  • Where to find opportunities: TetraTech business opportunities website - Ukraine Energy Support Fund
  • Procurement rules: General procurement information
  • Where to submit an offer: Via TetraTech business opportunities website



  • Sectoral focus: energy, infrastructure, healthcare, advisory services
  • Where to find opportunities: GIZ website - Doing business with GIZ - Procurement - Tenders - E-procurement platform - Find notices - Ukraine
  • Procurement rules: Terms and Conditions for supplying services and works
  • Where to submit an offer: As indicated in the respective tender specifications


European Investment Bank

In order to prepare a competitive proposal:

  • Cite relevant technical and regional experience
  • Involve in-country partners
  • Consider joint ventures
  • Ensure full responsiveness to tender/proposal requirements before submission
  • Follow standard bidding document forms and conditions
  • Address document clarifications and extensions early
  • Ensure full responsiveness to tender/proposal requirements attend scheduled pre-tender/proposal clarification meetings