Presentation by the Ministry of Health on the Needs and Priorities for Ukraine's Healthcare

Webinar by Swecare and the Swedish Embassy in Kyiv

Swecare and the Swedish Embassy in Kyiv invite you to this webinar, aiming to give a better understanding of the needs and priorities for the reconstruction and recovery of healthcare in Ukraine.

Since February 2022, Ukraine's health sector has endured substantial destruction, with heavy effects on healthcare infrastructure and delivery. According to World Bank estimations, approximately $1.4 billion in damage has been inflicted on health facilities and pharmacies. The country’s medical system total loss from the war amounts to approx. $17.8 billion. This damage is significantly impacting the population's health due to forgone care and heightened public health threats. Over the next decade, Ukraine will need $14.2 billion for reconstruction and recovery of healthcare.

According to a joint assessment of the Government of Ukraine, World Bank, EU and UN, the immediate priorities for 2024 are strengthening primary and secondary health care including equipment, construction and repairs to health facilities, investments in mental health services and rehabilitation, amounting to an urgent need of $872.6 million.

While the war is ongoing, the Government of Ukraine is leading recovery and reconstruction efforts in healthcare. In order to understand these efforts better, Swecare and the Embassy of Sweden in Ukraine invite you to a meeting with Ukrainian key decision makers in the area of healthcare • Ukrainian Ministry of Health and the Office of Health System Recovery mobilizing appropriate financial resources and ensuring the involvement of international partners in the recovery process

• State-owned enterprise “Medical procurements of Ukraine” – a special entity responsible for public procurements of medical equipment and materials.

Information and registration

  • Date: April 26, 2024
  • Time: 09:00-10.00 CET
  • Format: webinar, link will be sent a few days prior
  • Reigstration deadline: April 23, 2024

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26 April



26 April