Exploring Business Opportunities in Ukraine for Swedish Companies

Webinar by BDO Ukraine, the Swedish-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce and the European Business Association

Despite the ongoing war, the world is actively discussing the post-war reconstruction of Ukraine. The largest financial institutions, governments of many countries, and private companies are discussing and implementing possible solutions to help Rebuild Ukraine and give private businesses the opportunity to join the process.

The event "Exploring Business Opportunities in Ukraine for Swedish Companies" with representatives of the European Business Association, BDO in Ukraine, Swedish-Ukraine Chamber of Commerce, Swedfund, Swedish Export Agency (EKN) and other organizations is aimed at explaining opportunities for exporting goods/services to Ukraine, starting a business, and investing in Ukraine.

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Date: April 25 (Thu) Time: 9:30 – 12:30 CET Format: Online on Teams Who should attend: This event is ideal for business executives, entrepreneurs, investors, and anyone interested in understanding the business potential in Ukraine.

Event topics:

  • The current situation in Ukraine: an overview
  • An analysis of business sentiments in Ukraine
  • Exploring the Ukrainian tech landscape: a brief overview
  • Business opportunities for Swedish companies in Ukraine
  • Presentation from Swedfund - Pending confirmation
  • Presentation from Swedish Export Agency (EKN) — Pending confirmation
  • Overcoming challenges and seizing opportunities — experience of Swedish company
  • Doing business in Ukraine and role of a local partner in facilitating Swedish-Ukrainian business collaborations
  • A foreigner’s guide to Ukraine: safe travel, accommodation, and insurance essentials

Speakers: Vira Savchenko, CEO of BDO in Ukraine Andrii Borenkov, Head of Advisory at BDO in Ukraine Anna Derevyanko, Executive Director of the European Business Association, CEO & Co-founder of the Global Business for Ukraine Andrii Zablovskyi, Member of the Board of Directors of Swedish-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce Victor Nevmerzhitsky, Tax Partner at BDO in Ukraine Vitaliy Strukov, Corporate Finance Partner at BDO in Ukraine Liudmyla Lemrini, CEO of Swedish-Ukrainian Chamber of Commerce Speaker from Swedfund (Pending confirmation) Speaker from EKN (Pending confirmation)


25 April



25 April